Hexagonal Spit Rotisserie Cage

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Tumble vegetables, chickens or roasts on your rotisserie skewer with a rotisserie cage. Compatible with an 8mm square skewer or 11mm round.

Simply put your rotisserie skewer through the holes, tighten the thumb skewers and it’s ready to use.



Product Description

Compatible with the following spits we also sell:

  • Hark Rotisserie Kit 4-6 Burner
  • Gasmate Rotisserie Kit 4-6 Burner
  • Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit Original (or other generic brands of Cyprus Spits where the skewer is 8mm thick)
  • Flaming Coals Mini Spit



27cm L x 14.5cm W x 16cm H

Collar: 11mm round

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